Based in Mystic, CT, J.Luke Cloutier is an indie-folk singer-songwriter with a “style [that] works both classic and contemporary cogs” (B-Sides & Badlands). Having played guitar since the young age of six and grown up musically involved in various punk rock bands, Cloutier has finally become comfortable in his own skin releasing music that shares his life stories and experiences. Often compared to bands like The Lumineers and The Head and The Heart, Cloutier’s solo music is a sharp departure from the punk-rock style he grew up on. Cloutier sings simply and honestly, captivating audiences with classic folk-pop nuances. Ebbing and flowing between light and heavy musical moods, Cloutier is a chameleon of soundscapes - finding the perfect layers to translate the intimacy behind his lyrics. His slight vocal rasp carries the folk-pop melodies to a place of vulnerability as Cloutier delves into the familiar facets of life through his lyrics. "I don't care about much else - writing songs brings me immense joy. I'm just looking for the sweetest melody,” says Cloutier. 

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